OT Treatment

Occupational therapy treatment uses activity (occupation) to help build skills that will help improve occupational performance. With children, this means play! Since children use play as a primary method of learning about the self and the world, OTs use meaningful functional play activities to work toward the therapy goals. Emphasis is on using activities that are intrinsically interesting, motivating and satisfying but shaped in a way that facilitates skill building. When working with children occupational therapy should look like a lot of fun.

At Theraplay, a strong emphasis is placed on self-regulation and social engagement. In addition to looking like fun, occupational therapy should, at Theraplay, look like the child building skills at remaining calm and organized in the face of challenges or uncertainty, and building skills at remaining part of a fluidly shifting dynamic social interaction with the therapist.

When working with adolescents or adults, Theraplay occupational therapists use the same principles, but with activity selections and social interactions designed appropriate to age, interest and developmental level. Because what is fun for a three year old will be different than what is fun for a teen or an adult.

Treatment appointments at Theraplay are forty-five minutes in length, which includes time to transition into and out of the treatment area, and time to de-brief with family following the appointment. Although more frequent treatment appointments have been shown to produce faster results, most families attend Theraplay one appointment every one or two weeks.

At Theraplay we do not issue a report of findings, suggestions or recommendations unless specifically asked by the family. The cost for the service is billed to the family.