Theraplay Pediatric Services


Theraplay is Saskatoon’s first private fee for service occupational therapy clinic. Established in 2005 Theraplay is dedicated to helping both children and adults with developmental needs build skills for the job of living.

Although specifically equipped for sensory integration treatment Theraplay’s occupational therapists use an eclectic approach to meet the therapy goals set by the family. Our approach is child and family centred, and places a strong emphasis on self-regulation and social engagement.

Thearplay’s occupational therapists hold degrees in occupational therapy from Canadian universities, and are members of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists and the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists. All occupational therapists have experience working with individuals of all ages with a variety of functional needs. Among the diagnosis seen at Theraplay are autism/Asperger’s, Down syndrome, FASD/pre-natal exposure, sensory processing disorder and developmental delay. Areas of function families routinely prioritize in occupational therapy include self-regulation, social skills, attention, feeding, printing, typing, dressing, toileting, and body awareness. Theraplay has helped individuals learn to better pay attention, better remain in control when faced with uncertainty or challenges, remain more fully engaged with individuals and tasks in the environment, and do specific things like learn to print, type, tie shoes, use a fork and knife or ride a bike.